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“Success is not a secret, it is a system, once you learn the system you will be successful” Bob Proctor. Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) is the fastest growing business model in the world. Success in MLM is dependent on you as an individual and your level of activity. Self-Esteem is critical to real success in all Sales based business’s that involve face to face interaction.

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There is no escaping this. We are all familiar with the charismatic, super successful, super focused women and men of this industry, who are crushing it and making a fortune. Can you picture yourself doing the same? Would you like to be doing the same? Want to know their secret? Their secret is how they feel about themselves and their ability to execute. That’s the secret sauce.

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    Gilbert Anderson, Entrepreneur

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This is the key to success in the MLM industry. Let me show you how to completely transform your relationship with yourself and become the success you have always believed you are capable of. The second stage of success is dependent on two things. Your ability to focus and then focus with consistency on a day to day basis. Match this with the third element, a crystal clear clarity of purpose, which is an outcome based around and dependent on a certain number of people to recruit coupled with a sales target or commission you have set yourself to achieve or earn.

The 12 Step System ‘Thinking into Results’ will show you exactly how to do all this. It is the key foundational system of success, based on 50 years of research and knowledge, that has generated hundreds of millons of dollars in wealth for both business owners and individuals. Developing the foundational Mindset necessary for growing your business is critical for success.

Foundational System of Success

Allow us to teach you this priceless knowledge, that is contained in this highly structured easy to learn, 12 Step System of success. Once you understand how this system works, you will have the ability to really train people in your team on how to think and focus, set goals and more importantly, achieve their goals. ‘Thinking into Results' is perfect for someone within the MLM industry with a real hunger to succeed. This is a truly foundational system for lasting success, not just in your business but also in all aspects of your life. Be the team leader you know you are capable of being.

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Learning and training are the key support systems of success within MLM. Think of those successful people. Do they have the ability to learn quickly and train effectively? Develop your ability to lean right in and master these two critical disciplines. Training is the culture of success in MLM and repetition is the language of training. The ‘knowing and doing gap’ that we talk about in sales, is in the real world not a gap, it is a chasm. This is what separates ‘them’ from ‘us’. Let me show you how to close this door shut. Forever. Let me show you how to successfully implement and integrate this knowledge into your life.

‘Thinking into Results’ is a 12 Step System that will change your life forever. Allow myself and my great team here at Mindset Mentoring along with Bob and Sandy and their wonderful team at the famous Proctor Gallagher Institute, teach you the art of success. Be unstoppable. Be You.


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The Proctor Gallagher Institute

Once you have made the decision to ‘Invest in You’, this transformational program will begin. You will be given access to the online campus at the Proctor Gallagher Institute, with your own personal password. This is available to you 24/7 365 days of the year. The 12 Step System of ‘Thinking into Results’, will be taught to you, via a series of video lessons, given by Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher themselves. I will be facilitating your learning process personally with a group zoom call every two weeks as we go through each lesson, one step at a time, on each individual call.

These calls will be archived for you to access at your convenience, if you are not available to join us. You will have the benefit of my 38yrs of experience to guide you, as you unlock the workshop of your mind on your journey to the destination of your choice. You will be simply astonished at what you are going to learn.

The Mindset Mentoring Academy

As an expert in the field of Mindset, which is the result of a lifelong fascination with all things related to this topic, I feel myself and my team here at Mindset Mentoring are uniquely placed to guide you to a life of success, whatever that may mean personally to you. You may even have a picture in your mind right now of what that success looks like and indeed feels like to you.

As you learn the 12 Step system ‘Thinking into Results’, you will spend 2 weeks learning and integrating each lesson, culminating in a total of 24 Weeks in the program. However, you will not have to wait 24 Weeks to see changes in your life. You will start to see and feel the change within you and in your life, in the first few weeks.

What you Receive

You will be fully supported in your understanding of each powerful lesson, as you will not be doing this alone. The information is so valuable and inspiring, it is very important to us that you feel fully supported. You will receive an absolutely excellent and fully comprehensive 205 page digital ‘Participant Learning Guide’ to ensure a clear and fully coherent learning experience, as everyone learns at their own pace.

Along with in-depth workbooks for each individual step, additional highly informative written notes exploring the topics included, accountability sheets to help you stay focused on your progress, you will also receive access to all 12 MP3 Audio Files which can be downloaded individually onto your phone to listen to anytime, anywhere.

Monthly Q&A’s

In addition to all this, you will also receive a special and unique invitation, every month, to participate in a group call with Bob Proctor himself, in the format of a Q&A session. These calls are absolutely priceless and invaluable, as Bob answers questions covering all aspects of this phenomenal 12 Step System of Success ‘Thinking into Results. Bob is the master teacher and you will be inspired and guided in so many ways. This alone is worth its weight in gold! You will receive this unique monthly invitation for 36 months.

You will also receive a special and unique invitation from myself, every two weeks, to participate in a group zoom call, in the format of a focused conversation on a particular step. No matter which step you are currently studying, you are encouraged to join us on the call, as each call is a unique learning experience. As Founder and CEO of Mindset Mentoring Ltd, I am very proud of the work that we do here at the academy and our goal is to guide you with as much care and attention as we possibly can.

But there’s more…

Some individuals literally fall in love with this transformational program so much, they go through the entire ‘Thinking into Results’ program several times. This additional option, for the entire 12 Lesson Video Series, is also available for you to do, free of charge, as many times as you like. As I like to say, you can choose to become a ‘master of the material’.

I cannot emphasis enough, the transformational and life enhancing impact that this enhanced learning process of personal integration will have on your ability to fully assimilate this phenomenal life changing system of information, as this knowledge is absolutely invaluable and profoundly life altering. 

If you have teenage children, why not Mentor their Mindset yourself and put them through your course after you have finished? ‘Thinking into Results’ is the truly perfect introduction to life for teenagers. It will set them up beautifully from the very start, by teaching them the core skills of thinking, focusing, goal setting and achieving.

Most importantly, it will teach them Super Self-Esteem, which is the most valuable characteristic and trait of all to have, when starting out in life. Teach them the gift of having trust and belief in themselves as they start their journey in life. Borrow my belief in you as a phenomenal human being and learn how to become truly unstoppable.

Join us here at The Mindset Mentoring Academy and become the real you that you always knew you were capable of becoming. On completion of your ‘Thinking into Results’ Program, you will receive a certified ‘Thinking into Results’ ‘Certificate of Completion’  from the Proctor Gallagher Institute. The only grades are the results in your life that you will have generated for yourself, your family and/or for your business.

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 We have raised the bar on customer service to new heights and we are here and committed to help you with any questions you might have.




We have taken this decision to add these two packages together, the foundational 12 Step System ‘Thinking into Results’ along with ‘The Science of Getting Rich Complete Package’, to create what we believe to be the best value offer currently available on the world market in the area of personal and business development.

This is designed specifically to launch you, your family and your business on the path to real transformational change. This is all about ‘Peak Personal Performance Living’ and learning to thrive in these uncertain times.

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Will Teach you this System of Success.

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Useful and Important information on possible Tax Relief as a Business Owner OR as an Individual Client.

Mindset Mentoring Ltd is an Irish registered corporate entity which will be providing a professional service to you, our client. Our service is designed specifically as an educational training programme, which is geared to maximise the potential of You, your Staff and your Business. In line with issued legislation and the Irish Revenue Commissioners guidelines, if you are a registered Sole Trader, Partnership, Business or Corporate Entity and you avail of our service, this expense which is wholly and exclusively for the purpose of your business will be fully deductible as a business expense in your financial statements.

Please check your local tax code, in your country of origin, to confirm if you may also be eligible for this class of tax relief. As you would expect, all clients are provided with a Mindset Mentoring Ltd Company Invoice.

Individual clients purchasing this program from outside the EU are 100% exempt from VAT and therefore DO NOT pay the applicable VAT. If however you are an individual within the Republic of Ireland or the EU you will be obliged to pay the VAT.

Therefore, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to send you a 10% Discount Code in order for you to avail of this phenomenal life changing program. I hope this information is of value to you.

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